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Free Introduction to SKY Breath Meditation

Learn about SKY Breath Meditation that is helping millions be resilient to life’s challenges and live with enthusiasm.

During this interactive 75 minute session, you will be guided by a certified instructor. We keep these experiential sessions small to provide personal attention to participants, so reserve your seat now!

You will learn 1 or more breathing techniques that you may practice on your own in addition to a guided meditation!

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Yale Study - SKY vs Mindfulness

How you Breathe Impacts Your Health

“No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, how skinny or young or wise you are, none of it matters if you’re not breathing properly.” — James Nestor

James Nestor is the author of Breath: the New Science of a Lost Art, a New York Times bestseller, and Amazon chart-topper. In his book, Nestor travels the world to explore the science behind ancient breathing practices.

He combines cutting-edge studies to uncover why humans lost the ability to breathe correctly and how to remedy it. In this video, he shares his personal, transformative experience with SKY Breath Meditation (Sudarshan Kriya) and how it helped launch him on his research quest.

Hear from SKY Breath Meditation graduates

Regular practice of SKY Breath Meditation brings sustained benefits to be resilient to life’s challenges. It improves the quality of perception and expression, clarity of thought, increases your energy level and enthusiasm in whatever you do.